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The lease ended on the date indicated in the particular conditions, unless before the expiration of the term agreed upon by the tenant applies for extension, and accept Easy-tour SL, in which case stated it would be in the corresponding section of the particular conditions or a new lease or addendum will take effect.


A) The rental price was fixed according to current rates of VAT, or fuel surcharge which corresponds to the lessee.
B) Easy-tour S.L. it may request the lessee as provident fund an amount to cover the minimum cost of rent based on time, mileage, franchises and services provided and a deposit to cover any incidents or charges that may result. This amount shall be freely assigned by Easy-tour SL, requiring warranty deems appropriate. The amount above may not apply to the payment of any income, nor constitute awaiver for the tenant integral fulfillment of their obligations.
C) The final payment was made once the vehicle returned after practiced timely settlement between the advance payments, the total price of the rent and charges and expenses chargeable for any reason including failure to return the items listed in this point 3G contract or fee for refueling if you return the vehicle with less amount of which he was given. At this event, it will calculate and pay the agreed amount per additional kilometer. The tenant authorizes Easy-tour S.L. to debit all charges resulting from this contract, according to the system of payment reflected on the front of this contract.
D) If the lessee ordered that the charges are billed to a third party and therefore was accepted by Easy-tour SL, this obligation is joint for both in the case of default by the assigned third party.
E) the agreed price will be revised at the beginning of each year according to the variation suffered by the consumer price index. Furthermore, in case of having suffered one or two incidents of guilt apply the CPI plus 2% .If the average is more than 2 more sinister CPI un4% will apply.


A) The vehicle deliveries and collections are always made on the premises of Easy-tour SL
B) The vehicle is delivered in perfect working order, stating the tenant had examined to its satisfaction, in its entirety, including in engine, steering, body, brakes and tires, which expressly states that no liability rests with the leasing company for any loss, inconvenience, delay or difficulties ensue as a user of the reference vehicle at the same or occupants. At time of delivery, the customer must sign the document (contract) specifying delivery of the vehicle and status.
C) Easy-tour S.L. not be liable for any failure or delay of delivery vehicle that is attributable to the supplier or manufacturer.
D) The customer will keep the vehicle in good condition, both internally and externally, in accordance with legal regulations and the manufacturer’s instructions for use and maintenance and is committed to effectively control the correct operation of the odometer.
E) The fact that a vehicle cannot be used for any reason not attributable to Easy-tour SL, may not be invoked by the client as a reason for not meeting their payment obligations.
F) Easy-tour S.L. will be responsible for managing all the normal expenses related to maintenance and repairs, including changing oil, lubricating fluids, parts and labor, according to those recommended by the manufacturer and request authorization procedures.
G) is hereby expressly agreed that are excluded from the administration, corresponding to washing, punctures, replacement of carpets or rugs on the floor or maintenance and repair of the accessories that are installed by the customer costs.


A) Faults caused by driver negligence, those caused by blows to low or failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions as their maintenance, or aggravations resulting from failure to observe the warnings indicated by the instruments on board, (markers of temperature, oil and witnesses immediately stop, etc.) error in the fuel, motor galling, water inlet, misuse clutch, breaks excess mud belts, brakes anddamage resulting from excessive dirt / mud, shall be borne integrates customer and punctures and damage to tires and rims and damage to upholstery and dashboard. Oblivious to traffic damage: collision with static objects (bridge, columns, and caused the ceiling or upper tree-parts, doors, etc.) The customer authorizes that they can be loaded as the payment system have agreed Easy-tour SL
B) Also be borne by the customer loss, broken keys or controls, and the lost cat, keys wheel, antenna, hubcaps, triangles, brushes and gas cap.


The client reveals Easy-tour S.L. from liability for fines, penalties or claims that may result from any breach or violation of applicable laws regarding the use and condition of vehicles.


The vehicle is covered by mandatory liability insurance and liability. Easy-tour S.L. will not be liable for loss or damage to property left in the vehicle during the rental period. These assets are absolutely responsibility of the renter.
In case of accident, the amount of the exemption is borne by the tenant.
The insurance does not cover any driver who is not in possession of a valid driving license when the driver is not in normal conditions, ingestion of alcohol, drugs or other cause, the tenant will be solely responsible for any damage caused.
The lessee is obliged, in case of accident, to get the full details of the opposing parties and the details of the incident by completing an accident report with date, place, time, details, well completed and signed by both parties. Inform Easy-tour SL, within 24 hours of the accident and send or deliver the part within this period.


The tenant may not:
Drive the vehicle in Ceuta and Melilla Abroad (outside Spain)
Destine to fraudulent use or illegal activities.
Subletting the vehicle.
Tow another vehicle or teaching or practice your driving, take part in races, competitions or give it to a third party to the contract.


The issues that arise as a result of this agreement between tenant and landlord are within the jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona.